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Flexible Wood Roll Sheets 

Take your profect to the next level with these versatile and extreme easily to install flexible wood role sheets in a variety of profiles. 

Grow Your Vision

Needing to transform an ordinary blank wall or average piece of furniture in need of a glow up? Flexible Wood Role Sheets are a DYI DREAM!

Client Inspiration 

Untitled design - 4.png
flexible wood roll.webp

Revitalize your space effortlessly and affordably!

Specifications & Features:

- Size 1200 x 2400 mm sheet

- Eco-Friendly: Made from authentic wood pulp

- Dowel Size: 10mm width, with a 1mm space between each one

- Designs: Choose from square or round edge 3D designs

- Easy to Cut: Effortlessly tailor to your requirements with scissors or a Stanley knife

- Flexible Backing: Ideal for both flat and curved surfaces

- Pre-Primed Material: Paint in any color, or leave it natural for a charming finish

- Easy Transport: Comes pre-rolled for convenient transportation


Why Choose Our Wood Rolls?

- Extremely popular in other countries.

- As seen on TikTok, Youtube, & Pinterest DIY posts

- Installation made easy with compound glue

- 70% off when compares to exact same products found online

- Applications: - Decorative Wall Panels - Head Headboards - Feature Walls - Kitchen Islands - Furniture Enhancement - Retail Displays

Visit us today and witness the remarkable transformation.

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